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The protests currently happening in India are the largest protests in human history, with people all around the world marching for change.

Farmers are the backbone of the Indian economy, however the Indian government has passed three new bills which aim to deregulate farming and open it up to large corporations, making it harder for farmers to earn a living to support themselves and their families which will ultimately deepen the gap between farmers and their ability to survive.

Hundreds of thousands of farmers have been peacefully protesting for the past three weeks and have been treated with intense brutality through the use of tear gas, batons and water cannons by the Indian Police force. It is up to us, to help amplify the voices of our farmers and put pressure on the Indian Government to repeal these bills.

From 08.12.2020 until the end of the year, Nscollection will be donating $5 from each purchase made through Nscollection to Khalsa Aid to help raise funds and provide food, mattresses and other necessities for the farmers.

Update 04.01.2021: Total amount raised - $220 has been donated to Khalsa Aid International.